Dunlop Hyperfibre+ Revelation Pro Lite Squash Racquet

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Sarah-Jane Perry's previous season choice of racquet.

Head Size: 490 
Headshape: Open Throat 
Frame Weight: 125g 
Balance: Head Light
Factory Grip: Dunlop Hydramax 
Factory String: Dunlop Great White 
String pattern: 14x19 
Construction: Premium Graphite with Hyperfibre+


Strung weight: 151 grams

Strung balance: 355-358 mm

Our test results:

Dunlop revelation Pro Lite felt truly light, but balanced. I would even say it was perfectly balanced. Long string bed served up impressive power, sweet spot felt large. We generally like Dunlop Great White factory string, it sketches well at the higher factory tension. Together with tight string pattern and balance approaching even the control and shot placement were impressive. Definitely a winner!


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