Dunlop Sonic Core Iconic 130 Squash Racquet, doubles

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Basic Specs

Balance: Even
Factory Strings: Dunlop Iconic Pro
Head size: 500
Stringing pattern: 16 x 19
Frame weight: 130 grams

Perfect for hardball doubles!


Strung weight: 163 grams

Strung Balance: 365 mm

Our Review:

Here is it - hidden in plain sight - the best Doubles racquet! Evenly balanced, Strung weight 163 grams, strung with Dunlop Iconic multifilament string at 34 lbs, how it is not the prototypical doubs stick? Well, it is. Specs do not lie. We did not even bother to take this one on a singles court. Doubles only tested, ball comes off crisp, tons of power, great control, this shape ahs been around for doubles for decades, and in new Sonic Core dress this is a beautiful one.