Harrow Vapor Ultralite Squash Racket, Custom Olivia Hummingbird, Slate/Hot Pink

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Limited edition Custom cosmetics made for Olivia Clyne Hummingbird.

5 grams lighter, with the same unparalleled Vapor performance and playability. The Vapor Ultralite is the newest, lightest addition to Harrow Vapor squash rackets collectionIt feels like a new instant favorite just arrived. Super light and maneuverable, shot maker's dream.

  • Balance - Even
  • Frame Balance  - 380mm
  • Color - Teal with Pink bands
  • Composition - Carbon / Graphite
  • Factory String Tension - 26lbs
  • Grip - White
  • Head Shape - Open Throat
  • Skill Level - Pro
  • String Type - Barrage Pro
  • Weight - 135g

REAL Speck:

Strung Weight - 135.9 grams

Balance strung and gripped - 365 mm


Used on Pro Tour by Olivia Clyne.

GO LIV!!!!!