Dunlop Sonic Core Ultimate 132 Squash Racquet

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Get great control and enhanced power from a combination of the conventional headshape and larger head size. 

Head Size: 500 / 77.5 
Frame Weight: 132 g 
Balanced: Even
Headshape: Quad 
String pattern: 16x19
Grip: Dunlop Hydromax Pro 
Strung with: Dunlop Silk 

Dunlop does not supply cover for this racquet.


Strung weight: 158 grams

Strung Balance: 367 mm

Our test results:

Dunlop Sonic Core Ultimate exceeded our expectations when we took it to the ball. It felt quite maneuverable, easy to wield, yet balanced. We enjoyed better than expected control and touch, but the real surprise was the power. Despite the typical Dunlop tight string bed, ball came off the racquet quite lively. The Sonic Core Ultimate  felt more stable and firm than the previous re-iteration of Ultimates. We felt this racquet will work for player of any level.