Wilson nCode N5 Badminton Racket

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Wilson first generation of nCoded rackets have won numerous industry awards for the nano technology usage in racket sports. The Wilson nCode™ n5 is an easy racket to get used to. It is balanced even with medium stiff shaft.

Rackets are made of billions of carbon fibers linked together and heat-shaped. These carbons fibers are strong, light and resilient. Nevertheless, at the nano-scopic level voids exist between the individual fibers which creates stress points. By reinforcing the molecular structure of the frame and filling these voids, nCode™ technology improves a racket's playability while preserving its unique playing characteristics.

When a racket is nCoded, nano-sized silicone oxide crystals permeate the voids between the carbon fibers. This adjustment made at the molecular level, significantly strenthens and enhances the stability of the overall carbon matrix. Stronger and even more resilient, nCoded rackets play better longer.

With nano technology, Wilson broke the atomic code of the racket to create a new class of frames. This revolutionary process, striking new frame design and new string be technology (nZone™), combine to deliver greater life, power and playability.

nCoded rackets measure 2 times stronger, 2 times more stable, and up to 22% more powerful than ordinary rackets.