Yonex ArcSaber 5 DX Badminton Racket, Unstrung, 3U4

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Style: Red

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The Yonex Arc Saber 5DX ( AS5DX / ARC5DX ) badminton racket is based on the Arc 8DX design and success. By expanding the cross section, Yonex was able to make the racket 5% more durable and increased repulsion power. The fusion of ArcSaber maximized hold and the improved repulsion gives its player explosive power even with a compact (short) swing. The Arc Saber 5DX can handle higher tension than its predecessor, the Arc Saber 5, and comes in 2 colors, Gloss Orange and Gloss Magenta.

The ArcSaber Series of rackets utilize Yonex’s exclusive Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube technology to create a revolutionary blend of power and control. Positioned at the sides of the racket frame, this revolutionary technology absorbs and harnesses energy from the shuttle’s impact to provide the player with unparalleled feel during every shot. This energy is then transferred into a return of supreme strength and pinpoint accuracy.