Harrow Typhoon Indoor Court Shoe, Navy / Lime

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US Men's Size: 8

The Harrow Typhoon Indoor Court Shoe is a high-performance shoe designed for indoor court sports such as squash, badminton, and volleyball. It features a durable and breathable synthetic leather and mesh upper, which provides a comfortable and secure fit. The shoe also has a non-marking gum rubber outsole that offers excellent traction and grip on indoor court surfaces.

The Typhoon shoe has a low profile design that allows for quick and agile movements on the court. It also has a cushioned midsole that helps absorb shock and reduce impact on the feet during intense play. The shoe's insole is removable, making it easy to replace with custom orthotics if needed.

Overall, the Harrow Typhoon Indoor Court Shoe is a reliable and stylish option for indoor court athletes looking for a shoe that provides comfort, support, and excellent traction on the court.