Eye Squash Rackets

Exciting SQUASH only European brand with innovative products immensely popular
amongst Squash Pro Tour and amateur players alike. 

Comprehensive racquet line up features 4 distinct racquet shapes,
each offered in 3 different weights, catering to players of all levels, abilities and playing styles.

V.Lite 110, 120 and 130 models are teardrop shape with parallel string pattern that is so popular today. Traditional sweet spot in the middle of the racquet and longer string bed coupled with medium frame flex affords perfect combination of power, control and feel. 

V.lite 115, 125 and 135 models sport new and innovative design, with extended teardrop frame that boasts unbridled power. Thanks to dense, fanned out string pattern extending the sweet spot toward the tip and stiff frame for smooth power transfer, these racquets offer a lot of pop when you needed most - on attacking shots and returning the wall-clinging drives the same way they came. 

X. Lite 115 and X.Lite 125 are classic oval head shape with a bridge that are all about control and feel. Even though they are preferred by advanced players that can already generate plenty of power, their swing through and factory stringing make them quite suitable for beginner and junior players as well. 

X.Lite 110, 120 and 130 models derive their superb playability from legendary mold that persevered for many years, owing their longevity to many champions that used it.  The "Legend" Jonah Barrington, the "Maestro" Amr Shabana and incomparable Borja Golan helped to develop, and still use the X.Lite racquets for a good reason. Having probably the best blend of control, power and feel, these racquets offer players that use them the tools to be at their best in any game situation. From perfectly balanced X.Lite 120 to maneuverable and head-light X.Lite 110  and powerhouse X.Lite 130 the series offer thin profile to peel the ball off the wall,  serious power and pinpoint control. 

Factory stringing on Eye rackets is with exceptional multifilament string that we highly recommend to keep and play through. Factory tension is 26 lbs, perfect for players of all levels. 

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