Dunlop SonicCore Evolution 130 Squash Racquet

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What frame vibration?

Basic Specs

Balance: Even
Factory Strings: Dunlop Iconic Pro
Head size: 490
Stringing pattern: 14 x 18
Frame weight: 130 grams


Strung weight: 152 grams

Strung Balance: 364 mm

Our test results:

The new Dunlop Sonic Core Evolution 130 sports unique Evolution design, which is hybrid between teardrop and open throat head shape. Combined with extra stiff frame the Evolution shape produces both notable power and pinpoint control - a rare combination. This evenly balanced racquet gave us a chance to do more with shot placement, and at the same time we were able to generate more racquet head speed to power through volleys and attacking shots.  The Conic Core Evolution 130 felt solid and stable when we took it hard to the ball. We felt this racquet will work well for any player looking to bring more control to their game, or  any player looking for great combination of power and control in a racquet