Ashaway PowerNick Squash String, 18g, Red, SET

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Ashaway PowerNick - This one is for chronic string breakers.

18 gauge / 1.15 mm thin.
30 feet/ 9 m

A word from the manufacture:
Ashaway's new, improved PowerNick� 18 Zyex� squash strings provide a unique combination of power, ball control and dynamic response, along with an exciting new red color. Constructed from thinner Zyex filaments, the improved string blends playability with durability for maximum performance.
While optimum tension will depend on the player's choice of racket and style of play, the recommended range of stringing tension for PowerNick 18 is up to 32 lbs. (14.5 kgs). To allow for the superior tension holding properties and thin gauge of the Zyex string, Ashaway suggests stringing it at 10-20% lower tension than for nylon strings.