2 for $300 - Dunlop SonicCore Pro 130 Squash Racquet

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Two for $300: One racket

Head Size: 470 / 72.9 
Frame Weight: 130 g 
Balanced: Even 
Headshape: Classic Oval
String pattern: 14x18 
Grip: Dunlop Hydromax Pro 
Strung with: Dunlop Silk 


Strung weight: 158 grams

Strung Balance: 367 mm


Our test results:

Dunlop Sonic Core Pro 130 is the latest addition to classic Dunlop Pro line, which stretches back over 2 decades. So, we knew what to expect when we took it to the court.  Superior swing through, evenly balanced, all control, bring your own power. This racquet actually teaches you how to play - you stray off the sweet spot and the racquet will let you know! We took in the benefits of this control frame in shot placement and ran with it. Could have used looser strings, standard Dunlop tension on the smaller head-size frame made us look for more power in our swing. 

Dunlop does not supply cover for this racquet.