Prince EXO Ignite Squash Racquet

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String: Factory Strung with Prince Syngut 17 Squash

Crisp hitting feel with unmatched precision! Highly coveted EXO 3 design.
  • Frame Weight: 145 Grams
  • Headsize: 73 / 470
  • Cross Section: 17-18-22.5 mm
  • Balanced: evenly, 360 mm
  • String: Super Syn Gut 17
  • Grip: MicroZorb Indoor

EXO3 does what no other racquet can: it captures wasted energy at the moment of impact

Strung Weight: 162-165 g

Balance Strung: EVEN, 367-369 mm

Our test results: Oh, Prince EXO Ignite, I know it well. Ended up testing it just before it came on market. This racquet is all about power. Not that it does not allow control (it does, frame is quite stiff), but the power is quite remarkable. The sweet spot is huge, anywhere you hit on the racquet, the ball goes. There is some weight to the Prince EXO Ignite, it will be well suited for adult player of all levels. When we swung hard the ball came off the strings screaming. Boasts had plenty of sting and got to the front quickly. Drops went where aimed. Volleys we easy - you do not have to swing hard. Drives stayed tight. Played well enough with Factory strings, but shined with Ashaway ZX 17 and Ultranick 17. Rubber band at the bottom of the string bed will take al the feedback out. This one is a gem!